The international conference on “ Energy Harvesting, Storage and Conversion “short titled as “IC- EEE 2015, to be organized during the 5-7th of February 2015, with a pre-conference workshop on the 4th, aims at addressing the current advances and challenges in the energy sector, especially the renewable and clean energy scenario ,by providing an active and comfortable ambience for distinguished scientists, academicians, young researchers and students from different parts of the world to have productive interactions and discussions. The conference assumes contemporary relevance, since it brings three important disciplines in the renewable energy sector under a common framework. The most significant aspect of the conference is the focal theme of the conference related to cost effective and green approaches for energy harvesting, its storage and its conversion for lighting applications.

Although tremendous advances have been made in renewable, pollution free and clean power generation, its transport, storage and conversion, more efficient, flexible and economically viable approaches for wide spread use have yet to be realized .Cost and long term stability are some of the prime challenges for these clean and green technologies to be made accessible to all sections of the society without stringent financial burden. The focal themes of the conference hence encompass solar power generation and fuel cell technology for energy harvesting, with special emphasis on cost effective approaches. For energy storage, the prime focus is on lithium ion secondary battery systems, supercapacitors and the recently emerging category of flexible storage devices. Large area display devices and organic/ polymer LEDs for economically viable lighting applications include the main themes for energy conversion applications. The significant impact of nanostructured materials with special relevance to carbon based nanomaterials of graphene and functionalized graphene and carbon nanotubes in making these technologies more economic and achieving flexibility in device design strategies is also addressed as part of the focal theme.

The conference is expected to motivate and influence students and growing researchers to concentrate more on the focal theme of the conference for developing economically viable power harvesting and storage strategies which are sustainable, pollution free and suitable for maintaining the green foliage the nature has offered us. The prime objective of the conference is to popularize the awareness about the danger of depending mainly on the conventional, fossil fuel related power sources which are continuously polluting the atmosphere and causing many health hazards, and the urgent need to resort to more sustainable and clean power harvesting and storing approaches. Such conferences can serve as “awakening power sources” for motivating the young generation of our country in this direction.