Focal theme: Power (renewable and clean) generation
storage and conversion for display and lighting applications

•Solar cells and fuel cells for cost effective, clean power generation
•Thin film solar cells
•Dye sensitized solar cells
•Organic semiconductors and polymers for economically viable solar power generation
•Physics and chemistry of solar cell materials and road map to efficiency improvement
•New concepts in the electrochemistry of fuel cell electrodes and electrolytes

•Batteries and supercapacitors for energy storage
•Li ion cells- -recent trends in cathode, anode and electrolyte material choice
and structural design
•Graphene based nanocomposites for Li ion cells and supercapacitors
•Batteries/supercapacitors hybrid systems
•Flexible devices for energy storage

•Materials for large area display devices and LEDs
•Organic and Polymer LEDs for lighting applications

Nanostructured materials
for energy/nanoelectronic/bio-nano-electronic applications

•Semiconductor nanostructures in solar cell applications
•Graphene,carbon nanotubes and composites for applications in Organic solar cells
and Organic/Polymer LEDs
•Nanomaterials for transparent electronics and FET applications
•Nanostructured magnetic materials
•Polymers and polymer nanocomposites
•Nanomaterials for bio-nano-electronics and therapeutic applications